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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 3, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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live, we can help you hit the reset button as well. follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram. keep up with the latest when it comes to your health. time now to get you back to the cnn news room for a check of your top stories making news right now. >> hi, everyone. 3:00 eastern, i'm poppy harlow. in this hour we will honor the victims of the tragic shooting this week in oregon. we have new details coming in this afternoon about the gunman that open fired at umpqua community college. we will not show his photo or say his name. the college confirms that he was enrolled in the same english class that he open fired in.
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five people remain hospitalized at this time. we're waiting for a update from the sheriff. you're looking at live pictures ahead of that press conference in oregon. when that begins we'll bring it to you. i want to go to ashley banfield now. he she has more on the investigation and the people in this story. the nine people that went to school that day and every came home. >> it is a very difficult story for the very small community here to deal with. in fact, i don't think this will come as a surprise, but just about everyone in this community has a connection to the nine victims one of the most poignant moments is when the national guard commissioned to blackhawk
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helicopters brought the bodies back from the medical examiner. they landed tenderly on the tarmac. i think my colleague may have put it best when he is said it looked like war just came to roseberg in more ways than one. they were offloaded from the blackhawk helicopters on to gurneys and brought to the waiting vehicles. from here it is up to the families to make their arrangements for the loved ones memorials, funerals, and burials. all of this as classes will get back under way but not on monday. the plan was for monday, poppy, they decided to keep the campus closed on this campus. a beautiful environment. they will be closed all week long as investigators continue to collect the evidence. >> just thinking, ashley, about these parents, loved ones, brothers, sisters. one of them said he finally found his way. another one says he embraced and
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made everyone in his wake better. you're looking at images of those nine lives that were taken. what has struck you most on the ground there. >> i think it is the fear and the sort of bewilderment for the people who were on site here. there was only 13,000 student who's go to this college and so many of them were either a part of it, could hear the gunfire, or were evacuated on the buses. and the buses had to stop comes as they waited for a friend or a family member, and they heard that announcement from an official that stood up and said i'm sorry, there will be no more buses. i'm sorry, there are no more survivors to bring back to this fairground area where everyone was being corralled to safety. >> the investigators, i know,
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were looking at some of the writings that apparently the shooter gave to one of the survivors. have we learned anything from them? >> so the very strange thing, and i guess, look, if you're as troubled as to arm yourself with six different weapons, and engage with innocent people at a college, you're already troubled enough, but the writings that apparently we're learning he handed off to one of the survivors, demanding that the survivor give these writings to the authorities, apparently included something to suggest he had some sort of racial anamous to black people. he was a loner and he was inability to make relationships with people. he was a virgin and he was upset about that as all. he had a fascination with the i.r.a. a strange connection there to a movement. but then there was this
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revelation. his family had at least intimated to authorities that he suffered mental illness and he sought treatment for it, but there is little else that we know about that. i can only imagine what his parents at this point are going through and the investigative work they're now a process of. >> how could this possibly happen. ashley banfield, stay with me. stay with me, let's bring in former a.t.f. executive matthew horitz. thank you for being here. the a.t.f. says in all they recovered 13 weapons, six at the university, seven a the shooter's apartment. all were purchased by the shooter or his family member, it appears legally. what do you make of this come pe
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-- compared to what you have seen as an a.t.f. agent. >> it is not a lot of firearms compared to what i have seen in other homes. in certain parts of the country people may have 20, 30, 40, 50, or 100 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. he was having mental issues. his parents knew about the mental issues. and none the less, he still had access to firearms. that's where the conversation has to begin. >> it's not the first time someone has been troubled, their parents know, and they give them access to firearms. we saw something similar with sandy hook. senator richard blomenthal said no gun should be sold in america
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without a background check passing. they have a 72 hour passing and if that lapses with nothing coming up, the gun shop can sell the firearm. would legislation like that help? >> it might. i live in oregon, not far from where this all occurred. and i have purchased weapons in oregon. it's a very quick process. you just give them your drivers license. they run a background check with the state police. i'm told there is a mental health check done as part of that, but if he purchased these weapons, and he had a history of mental illness, that system is broken down. i don't think anyone has a problem with a background check that includes that as part of it. i will say that oregon just recently passed a universal background check where all weapons transfers have to go through a background check.
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>> ashleigh, i here they were reviewing some of his online postings. >> yes. the reporters who were killed live turning a television report, he made references to that and to newtown, and he said that is a path way to notoriety. i think our viewers by now know it is a toss up when you're a journalist and the how, when, where, why, and who will bird answered, but the last e thing we want to give is this sick individual the notoriety he was seeking. i want to just read some of
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what we know, you know, about the victims. you have quinn glen cooper, 18 years old. you have jason dale johnson. his family saying he was proud to be a christian. they felt he finally found his path. sarena dawn moore. you have treven tailor anspach. he was larger than life. you have lawrence levine. a teacher that loved to fly fish. you have lucero alcaraz and it goes on and on. matthew, to you. i want you to take a listen to how larry pratt, the execive director of gun owners of america, how he reacted todd shooting this morning. >> the problem is we're disarming the good guys.
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making them sit there and wait for a bullet, which is what happens with a mass murder in a gun free zone. and i think that is outrageous that we're not talking about the senators love for gun free zones. matthew, a former atf agent, his point, one ek qchoed by mik huckabee says arm the good people, let them fight back. >> i lived out in that part of the country and no one out there wants people in schools with more gun. even the people with pro gun don't that want to be the atmosphere that children go to school in. at the end of the day we have to restrict access to people so we insure responsible gun ownership. i support the president's plea that we all come together in a nonpartisan way and develop strategies not to make it more difficult for legal gun owners
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and those who want to buy guns, but to limit the access for those who have access. if you look at the active shooter incidents, firearms were purchased legally by families of the members of the individual. and this is a result we have. >> thank you all. stay with me. i want to get to our other top story we're covering today. historic flooding across the east coast in is just the beginning. more rain is on the way. we'll have more we're live in charleston, south carolina. people in boats in the street. >> yeah, it has been steadily raining all day long. i'm in charleston, south carolina where more than 30 million americaning up and down the east coast are being affected. you're watching "the cnn news room. room. ."
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you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? . okay, take a look at your screen. we have the sheriff deputy hamlin speaking on the tragic occurrence in oregon.
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>> i will start with the investigation, specifically on tips. we're still in need oaf tips, photos, videos that are relevant to this investigation. if you're unsure if it is relevant, call and let us decide. the tipline is 1-800-call-fbi. the timeline. we have a timeline peer today on the board. the timeline is a basic timeline as to the events as they unfolded in the first hour of this incident. as you can see, officers responded immediately. the roseberg police officers and
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and oregon state police crew were the first ones on the scene that arrived within five minutes. two minutes later, the officers tell dispatch they have engaged the shooter. two minutes after that, dispatch reports the shooter is down. you can see how thing progressed. moving on to the investigation process. this, again, this is complex investigation with many, many different facets. the shooting event at umpqua community college. the shooters background, including how he obtained his weapons. the use of force by the initial responding officers. we have to run down hundreds of leads and interviewed hundreds of people including victims,
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witnesses, neighbors. conducted searches. we seized evidence from multiple locations including the weapons an ammunition, documents, and digital media. the oregon state police crime that lab, atf, and fbi crime laboratories are all working together moving forward. investigators located one additional handgun during the search of the shooter's resident. spri bringing the total number of guns seized to 14. so the officers involved in the shooting investigation. i have been asked to release the following information by the oregon state police on behalf of
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the oregon state medical examiner. the medical examiner has determined the cause of death of the shooter to be suicide. the oregon state police are conducting the investigation on the officer involved shooting. at this time i would like to introduce the district attorney. for douglas county. good morning, it is any responsibility to review all deadly force incidents and determine if the force used was justified under oregon law. it is my understanding that the officer involved shooting investigation currently being conducted by the oregon state police is nearing conclusion. i expect it to be presented with
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that case and this investigation early next week. once i receive the case,ly do a thorough review and make a determination on whether or not the use of force was justified. >> i realize that you may have questions for each of us, please hold those until the end of the conference. i would now like to introduce the roseberg police chief jim berge. good afternoon. we want to be very area about the fact that there are no current threats against any school or facility in our area. i know that parents and students have concerns. we have police officers and firefighters that are getting the same questions from their spouses and children about
12:20 pm
whether or not they are safe in this area and their schools. i assure you that the students and the general community have the same concerns. as we move into next week, i want to reassure you that the ro roseberg police department and the sheriff's office will make sure your school is indeed safe. thank you. >> i would now like to bring in fire chief number two. >> good afternoon. i'm greg marler. i'm the fire chief for district number two. our community has been robbed by a horrendous incident. i'm proud of our community and the resilience we have shown in the face of such tragedy. our fire district is apprised of over 120 personnel. i know we have some incredible
12:21 pm
people within our organization. but the professionalism and the strength of character that i witnessed in the last couple days is absolutely confirmed now. prior to the incident, we have numerous mass casually drills and i saw that preparedness pay off. there were lived saved that day. at the scene, we had over 45 fire and ems responders including ten paramedic ambulances. they worked quickly to establish a triage system to sort through the casualties and identify the critical patients that needed advanced life support care like air way control, bleeding control, and gunshot wound control. we then worked very quickly to arrange transportation and
12:22 pm
transport those patients as quickly as possible to the appropriate facilities. >> it was all hands on deck for our organization. and their focus and dedication made this an effective operation. we're also greatly appreciative of our law enforcement officers that allowed us to operate safely on that day. it is with great sadness that we learned that our firefighter justin anspach, lost his son, treven tailor snspach on that day, and that another first responder lost his northeast, rebecka ann carnes.
12:23 pm
i have been involved with emergency response for 32 years and i know that nothing can completely prepare you for the physical and mental toll that this can take. debriefings have been made available and are on going from our personnel and those that responded to the scene and deal with their families and help with their recovery. please respect their privacy so they can spend time with their family and friends. if you have further questions regarding our organization, or our incident response that day,ly make myself available after in press conference for more questions. i have been thinking about the families that have experiencing loss. we're also thinking about the nine that were injured. those are our patients and we wish them a full and speedy recovery as quickly as possible. the direct support that we
12:24 pm
recier received from agencies throughout the state has been incredible. we want to identify and thank the city of roseberg figure department. bay city's ambulance and the roseburg police department for their hardship and help this fall. i want to say that while we deal with this tragedy on two fronts, as a community and within our fire and ems family, our stations are ohm and our crews are here to serve our community. and we're proud to serve and nothing or anything will stand in our way to continue to serve our community. thank you. >> and now the chair of the board of directors for umpqua community college. >> good afternoon, umpqua is
12:25 pm
working on the healing process coordinating help for our students and staff, developing a innocence of normalcy and reopening our campus. i'm going to read off a lot of te details now, they be released in a press release and on our website. we will provide mental health services. mental health professionals are offering no cost grief counselling and sharing from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the ford family center. and at the community health alliance. also beginning on monday, october 5th, our grief sharing will also be available on our campus 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. we have still staffing a 24 hour
12:26 pm
hot line. the numbers are as follows. 1-800-866-9780. our plan is to reopen campus for students and staff beginning at 7:30 a.m. on monday, october 5th. classes and events are still canceled throughout the week and they will resume only october 12th. we're getting a lot of questions about donations. there are a couple local organizations mobilizing and working with us for that. douglas way is accepting donations via text and the umpqua community college is also accepting donations on our
12:27 pm
website. the website should be up and working today, so i encourage people to go to the website. we also strongly recommend that donors cast a careful eye on other funds. some are not charitable organizations and may have high fees. also at times like this there are unscrupulous people that will set up false accounts. so i really encourage you to look at our local donations. as far as community support, there is an, mucc and ucc strong deca decals. we also have lawn signs and or things floating around town. i encourage you to go to our website to find out, we're just getting those worked out right now. we'll have those on the website and in the press release as well. in closing, starting sunday,
12:28 pm
also the school issue news advisory for media beginning at 3:00 p.m. with pertinent information every day until further notice. thank you. >> i just want to clarify that the -- what we're opening is at annex b. if people need assistance they can go to the ford family location or annex b, thank you. mental health resources, i want to talk about those for a second here. we have the health and human services national disaster mental health team, 16 people in total, who have flown in to help our community recover. they are providing immediate assistance and developing a strategy for long-term support of our community. the executive director of the
12:29 pm
community health alliance who just spoke is with us today and will be available after the press conference for one-on-one interviews. looking ahead, we are still collecting investigative information from various sources. those details will continue to come in over the next few days and weeks. we continue to have law enforcement and victim service teams working with the families to provide any help they may need. this includes counselling resources, helping to make any arrangements related to upcoming funerals and more. the fbi's behaviorial analyst team has arrived on the scene, and will help us understand the why of this event. this is our last planned press conference. as the need arises, however, we
12:30 pm
will continue to provide information through the douglas county sheriff's office and our partner agencies. i cannot understate the support that we have received from our local, state, and federal partners. if i were to read you the list of all of those supporting agencies right now, we would be here for a long time. so we will take that list and put it on the press release sight and you can visit that sight to see who all of those partners are. i cannot say thank you enough to each and every responder investigator, victim specialist, analyst, and all of the many others that have responded to help. your help has been invaluable in getting us through this most difficult event and helping
12:31 pm
douglas county to move down the path of recovery. and finally, i want to express my most sincere appreciation to those most directly touched by this incident. the two roseburg police officers that responded and stopped the shooter from killing dozens of other people what were in that classroom, and in the immediate vicinity. the student who, by all reports, charged the shooter and suffered multiple gunshot wounds. and to the families of the victims. our hearts are with you. and you know that our hearts will be with you forever. please know that we consider
12:32 pm
your loved ones to be our heros. they will never be forgotten. at this time, i will attempt to answer a few questions. >> sir, can i ask you to expand on what you said before. obviously we know there is no suspects on the loose. you solved that aspect. can you tell us in a general sense what you're looking for now? why the investigation needs to go on? what unanswered questions are there right now? >> really, the biggest question at this point, well, we want to ensure that we have all of the information, all of the leads, all of the potential details of this horrific situation gathered. and primarily, at this point, what we really want to do is just try to gain an understanding. so that question work together with law enforcement agencies across the country and attempt
12:33 pm
to try to prevent future situations. and of course, like i mentioned many times over, our focus is on the families of the victims. and they deserve to know the answers. >> sheriff, can you tell us about these documents, and digital media. were they handed over by the government? where did you get them? >> the question is -- >> the documents and digital media that have been recovered. where did they come from. what did the gunman hand over -- >> that is part of the ongoing investigation, and the details of that will be forthcoming. at this time we are not prepared to make a statement about those specifics. >> the shooter was a student in class -- can you confirm that,
12:34 pm
say what he was studying and if he was in the class or -- >> i'm having a difficult time understanding your -- >> was he a student and was he enrolled in the writing class? >> he was a student. and that class was a class he was registered in, yes. >> did he hand over a box to one of the victims? >> a box? >> a box? >> that i do not know. >> did he hand something to one of the victims? >> we're not prepared to release that. >> the two police officers that brought him to a stop, he committed suicide, but we understand that he was shot f t first by the officers, and then ran -- >> that is part of the officer involved shooting investigation that is being handled
12:35 pm
independently of the incident. as those two officers arrived on the scene, there was an exchange of gunfire. as far as the information about regarding whether it was an officer's bullet. >> how recently had the shooter passed a background check. >> i don't know the answer to that. >> sheriff -- >> thank you. >> you were listening to john hamlin there speaking in what he said. he said our hearts will be with you forever, speaking to the victim's families, your loved
12:36 pm
ones are our heros.
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welcome back to our continuing coverage of that deadly shooting in oregon this week. the press conference just wrapping up by the local sheriff there. i want to go to sarah now who joins us from roseburg, oregon. one of the firefighters that responded there lost his son, treven tailor anspach and a
12:41 pm
first responder lost his northeast, rebecka carnes. >> today they talked about it in more detail and just how hurt they are, personally, after this tragedy. we saw them talking about some of the new details. at choking on his words. the stress and pressure of all of this. the sorry will hit the officials here, too. we should talk about some of the details that he out layed. he said that an initial gun, another gun, has been found inside of the shooter's apartment. that brings the total number of guns they found at the school that belong to the shooter to 14. and they talked about how the shooter died. they said the medical examiner determined that the shooter
12:42 pm
committed suicide, and that is the cause of death for the person responsible for this massacre. he did not go into detail, but he did talk about how police officers got on the scene and neutralized him. everyone was trying to figure out what that meant. they stopped him from shooting more people. we understand now that one of the officers was able to shoot him and potentially render him unable to go forward and do more damage to the students and innocent victims and students and teachers inside. we reiterated that he did attend that school. that he did, indeed, was enrolled in two classes the including the class that he ended up shooting in. he talked about evidence, he mentioned something he had not mentioned before. not only that they picked up
12:43 pm
some paperwork and weapons from him, but also some sort of media he was able to get from him, digital media. so they are going through all of this, bringing the fbi profilers in to try to understand the why, not just the how. and this is how the investigation is going forward now, poppy. >> thank you very much, sarah. stay with us, ashleigh banfield, to you. you were on the ground right away after the shooting there. let's hear about some of the league responses to what we know now. >> you can see behind me the sheriff's are still in place here and it is still an active forensics scene. nay won't let anyone within .8 of a mile. it is a very large crime scene. we don't have someone to prosecute. he is dead.
12:44 pm
and the medical examiner said he is dead by suicide. why all of this forensic collection? what do we really need to know. the sheriff was really only able to to iterate that this is for future prevention. they shared details about what this means for or departments and law enforcement agencies across the country. that is effectively what they're trying to establish with the investigation which leading to bewilderment like did the shooter deliver a box to one of the victims and insist that the victim give that box to the authorities? and the sheriff said that is still under investigation and we're not prepared to make a statement on that. i don't know why, we're not protecting anyone's due process here, he is dead.
12:45 pm
it is a difficult process to try to get information, but i will say there is one process ongoing here and the d.a. took to the microphone and said there is an officer involved shooting investigation. he may have died by his own hand, but there is still an investigation going on. this is a justified shooting, i don't think there is any question about that, but there is still some work to that end. i don't think you need sherlock holmes for that one. but they will still cross the t's and dot the i's. >> thank you, rick, let go to you. the fact that we know that the shooter had 14 guns, we were previously told 13, he carried out an absolute atrocity. as they on capitol hill argue
12:46 pm
over a solution to this, with your experience is there anything that can be done to prevent something like this? >> i think the key goes back to how do we keep these firearms out of the arms of those who are incompetent to handle them. that was the case here and we're hearing that he had medical issues and he was discharged from the army. he did not receive any training. we don't know the exact reason. the failure to meet requirements. it could be a mental illness. we'll find that out in the future. as far as the number of guns, i don't put a lot of stock in that. i live in southwestern oregon and almost everyone has weapons, multiple weapons. it's just life in this part of the country. but you're asking me how to prevent this, and that is keeping them out of the hands of
12:47 pm
the mentally incompetent. that is a challenge. i don't know the answer, poppy. >> matthew, to you, in some schools, high schools, universities, you have mellal detectors. there is a lot of disagreement every, if anyone wants their child to have to walk through a metal detector or a student wants to walk through a metal detect detector, would that help? >> the first is cost. there is always a cost consideration and security. security is something everyone wants, but it comes down to budgets. what happen is the tone and the climate. do we want metal detectors at the opening of every school? every time this happens the dialogue stops after the victims are buried. in answer to your question to him a couple seconds ago.
12:48 pm
i think for one time we'll have to continue this dialogue after the victims are buried so we have movement going forward. >> would metal detectors help? >> i think it would help keep people out of schools that have guns, are but they would just figure out another way to complete their carnage. >> thank you to my guests. stay with us, we have to get a quick break in here. we'll be right back. that's why at&t is giving you 50% more data. that's 15 gigs of data for the price of 10. because the more data you have, the better. and right now at at&t get $300 credit for every line you switch when you trade in a smartphone and buy any smartphone on at&t next.
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a dangerous deluge of rain is pounding the east coast, closing roads, causing blackouts and evacuations. hurricane joaquin is now a category 4 storm, it has intensified over the atlantic, but the hurricane is not the main problem right now, at least for the east coast corridor. a second weather system is triggering record rainfall in some areas and very serious
12:52 pm
problems, even deaths. take a look at this video, new video from brunswick county, north carolina. it's the first to show an aerial view of the huge floods and the damage. people's homes flooded, all their belongings soaked or gone. 500 people evacuated from this area alone and also this new video from charleston, south carolina. knee-high, knee and thigh-high water there, people struggling just to walk through the flood waters to get home. up to 500 people evacuated in coastal parts of north carolina. south carolina, north carolina, new jersey, virginia, all declared states of emergency. more heavy flooding could hit the states all the way up the east coast. nick valencia is in charleston, south carolina. the president just issuing a state of emergency there. largely that's tied to getting some federal funding in there to help. >> well, certainly. they could use all the help that they can get. this, poppy, is the most relief we have had all day long, this
12:53 pm
area of road i'm standing on right now, usually a heavily trafficked intersection and street in the city of charleston. water up to ankles now. you can see that's receded, but the problem back here still remains. those cars have been there all morning long, finally getting towed out, since the water has receded to where it's safe for the tow truck drivers to get in here, but it has been a storm that's coupled with hurricane joaquin to present life threatening dangers. four people have lost their lives in the states of north carolina and south carolina combined, three traffic related fatalities, another losing their life after a tree fell on top of them. just a short time ago i spoke to the fire ems, let's show viewers what we're dealing with, just a while ago i was talking with fire ems. they say they've had to rescue, physically rescue, 25 of them outside of their homes because of the flood waters. and the issue, of course, is the high tides. there's about eight and a half feet of water here just to the left of me on water front near
12:54 pm
the battery. you could see here it's still a lot of flooded streets behind me, even more issues. some people have been making light of the situation, mostly college students. we've seen a lot of students from the college of charleston here, whether it's bravery, curiosity, or a sense of adventure, they've decided not to pay attention to the governor issue of shelter in place. they came out here and some were in kayaks, others on paddleboards. even spoke to some people who came from three hours away to be part of the search and rescue effort. by and large, this rain has been an issue all morning long through the afternoon and will persist throughout the weekend. the governor saying yesterday in a press conference that the state could see historic rainfall, we're talking about at least 20 inches of rain all across the state with places like columbia and here, especially charleston, along the coasts being the hardest hit. poppy? >> nick valencia, thank you very much. i hope they get some relief. let's go straight to meteorologist chad myers.
12:55 pm
chad, these are two different things. joaquin is not directly causing this, but it's like a one-two punch. >> it is. we talk about this on the west coast, this is more like a coconut or conch shell express. this moisture is coming from the bahamas and up and around a low pressure center. there's been over a foot of rain in many cities here and more rain is to come. flash flood watches, warnings, river flood warnings still going on right now. still raining north of charleston and will continue to rain because there's a stream of moisture running into where it's already rained. here's the next 24 hours, still raining in myrtle beach, charleston tomorrow morning, even tomorrow afternoon when we look at this again. there could be another ten inches of rain before it finally stops. and the good news is, that this wind, yes, 40 to 50 miles per hour, but there is not joaquin, because joaquin now is up to only one mile per hour, less than a category 5 hurricane.
12:56 pm
155, 156 miles per hour out there in the atlantic. thank goodness this thing did not take a turn toward north america. so how come we have all this moisture? how could this be possible? if joaquin is way over here and not feeding us the moisture, there is an upper level low, a regular upper level low we get here in the northern hemisphere. it's taking the moisture from the gulf of mexico and wrapping itself around. it's got no place to go but back on land and guess what happens when you get to the land, land goes up. that up is like a gold front, push the moisture up, it gets colder the higher you go, all of a sudden, can't hold the moisture and we have flooding like we have today. >> wow. not fun. fo thank you very much. quick break, we're back in a moment.
12:57 pm
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♪ this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm poppy harlow in new york. i want to take you straight back to oregon mercy medical center. let's listen in to some of the families of the victims of this week's mass shooting.
1:00 pm
>> we're hopeful she'll make a full recovery. >> i know you said she played dead. >> she's starting to remember things. it's going to be a very long road. obviously, physically, but mentally. she was shot through the back and it clipped her lung and got lodged in her kidney. >> so she's having lung problems with this also. >> she's jumpy, as you can imagine, when she hears a loud noise. she's starting to really remember the events and what happened. she was asked what her religion was and didn't say anything. >> how did you hear about this? >> i heard there was a shooting at the college. i grabbed my purse, my keys, and flew out of my job. i


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